We are Dreamers

We dreamt of creating a single platform to cater to the recruitment needs of all the stakeholders in the process and thus we have an AI platform which matches the right candidate to the right job.

What are we?

Not another generic freelance site or a traditional recruitment site. Nope! We offer what we say, which is plainly- vetted technical talent.

We are an AI-based platform connecting startups and enterprises to build their dream team with our vetted Global talent pool.

We have our offices here


4, 4th Floor 4th Lesnoy lane, Moscow, Russia


IPF Consulting WLL

Building 1048R, Road 111, Block 101, Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain


Our Idea

Startups and enterprises are in the constant need of developers and other positions but the hiring process can be longer and costly. On the other hand, freelance developers can at times be unreliable, underqualified; even with the extensive ID verification processes on generic freelance platforms.

Having experienced both sides of the coin and the issues, we wanted to create a platform of vetted talents across skills. Our AI-driven platform assesses the needs of a startup and matches them with candidates suitable for the projects and jobs.

So if you are a seasoned developer, hardworking professional or a fast growing startup in need of finding the right employee at the right price, we are here for you.

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